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Ivan krasnov

Post  Ganolith on Mon Nov 26, 2012 11:37 am

Access to internal database....

Accessing N.S.A. Watch list ....

Welcome director.

Accessing files on subject.

Ivan krasnov.

Retreving files......

Affiliation. Neutral. Known ties to Russian mafia.
Ex speznaz, Hitman. Linked to several CIA black ops.

Classification. received multiple commendations while serving in the Russian army.
Weapon of choice. Sniper rifle from extremely long distances.

Appearance. Last known bald white male 6"0' clean shaven. Scar that runs left cheek.
Various Russian mafia related tattoos. And several Russian military pride tattoos.

Location currently in New York.

Status.... Apprehend for questioning.

Warning. Extremely dangerous use caution.
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