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Taras Krasnov

Post  Milenkachan on Sun Oct 14, 2012 4:42 pm

Age: 25
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Nationality: Cossack

Think. Just think. Keep thinking. Don't feel the hunger, don't hear your stomach's growls, don't remember the mutilated corpse in that dark alley, neither the meal you ate some days ago.

Remember her...

It's all because this war. I'm not a fool. I know they are just playing with us. That's why some of my brothers deserted and went to German troops. They hate us, they want us to destroy ourselves, putting brothers against brothers.

But we are still Cossacks. We will fight until death. I will fight and die in battle; I've been raised for this. War is what Cossacks do.

That's why I can't die now. Hunger? I've suffered worse punishes living with my father. Cold? I'm used to it. Lost her track?


I must start walking. I have to find her first. Last thing I knew about her location is that she's in Germany. Maybe if I join the Red Army, I could reach Germany without problems.

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