Moore, Nicole

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Moore, Nicole

Post  Droolingfanfemme on Mon Nov 26, 2012 2:28 pm

+++ANIMUS ver 3.4+++


Password ******29


Nicole Moore (DOB 04/04/1980)
Templar 02/18/06(Probation)

Nicole Moore is middle daughter of Senator Gerald Moore. Her father's former corporate and current congressional connections mark her a prime candidate. Sen Moore has given his blessing to bring her into the fold.

Unfortunately, Miss Moore is possessed of an addictive personality, shall we say. Her family's handlers have gone to great lengths to keep her misdemeanors and police records out of the public, but I think we can do more to protect (and more importantly, our) interests. She has lately been on a more self destructive, thrill seeking bent. However we cannot internally terminate her, nor externally discredit her as the blowback on both her father and ourselves would be...less than desirable.

We need to keep tabs on her. She is a valuable asset and dangerous liability. Let's keep her on our side. -V.


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