A length farewell. :(

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A length farewell. :(

Post  Turtle-Feathers on Sun Dec 16, 2012 3:51 pm

To the AC Role-Play Forum Community,

For you are, indeed, a community, I swore to myself if I ever had to disappear, I would have to tell everyone first. I thought I’d be able to sit down and RP with everyone after my finals were finally over, and my Christmas break was in full swing. I now find myself confronted with a reality I should have foreseen- if anything, I am busier than ever when I am on break, although I happen to be busy with things that leave me a happier human being. None the less, if I didn’t have a chance to sit down during school to conduct much needed research to better understand my characters and the setting, I have even less a chance now.

I already feel my absences have potentially unnecessarily slowed down the flow of the stories thus far, and I will not allow this to continue to happen. The following are “epilogues” of what happened to each of my characters, which I will respectively place in each character’s profile. It includes any other characters my characters had been engaged with.

Ferdinand Durr. Ferdinand has been absorbed into the Templar network, and at this point has enough loyalty towards them, short of being forced to torture someone for no apparent reason, to remain a faithful grunt until the day he dies/is killed under Stramm’s command. Meanwhile, he and his family will continue to house Rebecca and provide her basic resources (such as clothing), as they consider her more of a refugee to shelter than as a potential threat. They could possibly help her located affordable shelter to enable her to live on her own. Head canon= they live in Berlin.

Stien/Stian Hansen. Hansen tracked Rebecca as far as the city where her plane landed by bribing airport workers and snooping through some documents. He then disappears, and no one in the Assassin network, or Templar for that matter, is entirely sure where.

Meris and Valene Dives. Basically, they continue to go about their lives. Meris continues to act as a black market merchant, while Valene continues to maintain her own network of contacts, causing grief for her husband from time to time. However, they stop accepting side quests as a part of their trade, and become much like any other black merchant family. As for the conclusion of "Under the Claudian Aqueduct," I've been struggling on how to wrap that one up. Meris is a business man, but he has nothing to lose in that scenario. I myself have no personal experience in the matter of sex and affairs, so it makes finding an appropriate ending that much more difficult to conclude. Eudokia can look back on that encounter however she'd like to, I suppose.

You guys are amazing writers, and I wish the best for you as you continue to expand the AC universe that cannon has only touched. The sky is the limit.


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