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Blackjack Harker

Post  FlameDarkfire on Mon Nov 26, 2012 8:55 am

Name: "Black" Jack Harker
Rank: Sergeant
Age: 26
Associations: US Army, Assassin Order
Quote: "When I joined the Army I took a vow to protect the constitution, from all enemies foreign... And domestic."

Dossier: Raised by a veteran of Korea and Vietnam, Jack was extremely patriotic and signed up to the Army straight out of high school. He joined the cavalry, and was part of the invasion of Afghanistan, and later Iraq. During his service he was in contact with indigenous personnel that claimed to be descendants of the ancient Hasashin. Whether through convincing or playing on his patriotism and devotion to freedom, he became a believer in the Assassin cause and sought out knowledge of the order. His personal mission would eventually have him cross paths with Tahir Bassara, a known terrorist. This fact may have contributed to him being drummed out of the Army in 2006, but it also contributed to him eventually meeting William Miles, and allowed him to travel around the world to learn what he could about the Assassins.

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