Patrick "Knuckles" O'leary

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Patrick "Knuckles" O'leary

Post  Ganolith on Tue Oct 09, 2012 4:15 pm

Age: 34
Build: muscular scar covered
Weight: 258
Height: 6ft 1inches

In the beginning I was to be as me Da and me Da's Da. Was to be a simple life working the fields growing wheat and corn had a family once.... A wife and a daughter. Da helped me build my house he died three weeks after I being his only living so dug his grave buried him in the yard next to an old cypress. I went to his home which was a little more than five miles way to retrieve some of his belongings and in his study was a bracer with rather odd marking so I dismissed it I started back down the road and I saw that my farm was on fire. Running screaming for help but noone was their except for five men who all spoke differently to me they said some gibberish about finding a assassin on a farm killed them they said they found aiedan O'leary and burned his house down killed his family that's when I snapped grabbed my knife and slit the mans throat the two next to him stopped laughing as soon as they realized what had happened they went reaching for the r holsters but is was to late I chucked the knife at the farthest of the two hitting him in the side of the neck and procedded to beat the other one to death with his own rifle the other two ran scrambling into the woods. As I went to pursue them I remembered my wife and daughter were with my father so u ran and ran finally I was struck dumb as I looked at three charred corpses amid a pile of ruin. Now I hunt Templars and collect there teeth to put in my necklace.
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