Bassara, Tahir

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Bassara, Tahir

Post  Evilgoodguy on Sun Nov 25, 2012 7:20 am

CIA Director Mike Hayden dug through his files to find the name of the man who had just called him.

Full name: Tahir Bassara
Born: August 14, 1978 in Oman
Links: Al Qaeda, Assassin Brotherhood, William Miles, Russian Organized Crime
Charges: Terrorism, Conspiracy to commit terrorism, Murder, Theft, Tax evasion, Public singing
Special Notes: Claims Al Qaeda to be traitors to the Assassins. Has been seen speaking out against terrorism with a focus on Al Qaeda. Has been known to fight other known terrorists. Maintains regular contact with William Miles.

He was a very strange man. The CIA had long since filed Al Qaeda as a branch of the Assassins, but this Tahir was saying that the two groups were largely unconnected, other than the fact that many members of Al Qaeda were former Assassins who had abandoned their Creed. Perhaps the CIA needed to investigate this further.
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