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Cyrus Black

Post  Ganolith on Wed Nov 21, 2012 1:16 pm

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Welcome to abstergo database.

Searching relavent files......

Name. Cyrus Black

Occupation. Gunsmith/Arms Dealer/Hitman/ Leader of thieves guild.

Affiliation. Neutral

Based on what data that could be found this guy was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Now while some people would like to think that the reason for this was because there really is no Cyrus black and that it was a pseudonym. For a collective group of arms smugglers and thieves. But that is not be case. He was in fact a real living person. And he was connected to some of the bloodiest events leading up to the war of 1812 strangely he seems first appears around. 1790 and makes a huge scene involving a prostitute and a local butcher that happened to be to brother a local politician. The next day the butchers brother was found strangled with butchers twine. Coincidence I think not. After making some rather subtle movements he set up a legitimate black market right under Boston. After that he disappeared only to reappear ten years later. To meet with an old business partner. This time shooting him in the head in broad daylight. Strangly not one person remembered what he looked like strange.

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