Dives Family

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Dives Family

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Name: Meris
Head of the household, husband to Valene
Occupation: black market merchant
Allegiance: Himself
Originally came from a common fishing family, but made his wealth from the black market.
Secret: will give a discount to anyone who helps helps him keep his wife out of trouble

Meris's second wife
Occupation: finding creative ways to cause Meris grief
Family of origin: Black market merchants in Egypt
Meris's young bride who winded up far from her family and homeland. She has a reckless personality that gets her into all shades of trouble, only for her punishment to inspire her to find new ways of stirring up society.

After two weeks of travel, Meris came home. The first thing he did was look at the ceiling. He breathed a sigh of relief to see the white paint still unblemished.

He turned to the next room, its ceiling also untouched. Each rug, chair, and statue seemed untouched since he’s step out for his journey. Maybe she had not bothered this time- wait, a minute. Meris was in the dining room now. This time, Valene had copied the heavens onto the ceiling. Pale yellow stars were sprinkled across a dark blue sky, complete with a sliver of white still left to represent the moon. He was relieved to find that she had relocated the walnut wood chairs, and their prized carved table. He was curious how she managed to relocate the solid piece. It was certainly an improvement from the time she dripped paint all over the wash stand.

“Valene!” the husband bellowed, voice resonating across the whole house.

Meris's stand.




Meris and Valene Dives. Basically, they continue to go about their lives. Meris continues to act as a black market merchant, while Valene continues to maintain her own network of contacts, causing grief for her husband from time to time. However, they stop accepting side quests as a part of their trade, and become much like any other black merchant family.

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