Eudokia Aelius

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Eudokia Aelius

Post  Evilgoodguy on Sat Oct 13, 2012 3:44 pm

Age: 29
Allegiance: Templars/Rome
Position: Imperial Concubine

I was once an Assassin, but they took everything from me when they allowed their barbarian friends, the Alamanni, to destroy my hometown. How could they have turned a blind eye to that? Because the great Accipiter, cousin of Aquilus, was one of them? Bah! How could I serve such hypocrites? At least the Templars seek peace in this world. Emperor Diocletian is one of us, yes, but he is too soft on them. He needs a woman's hand to guide his dagger. I may only be a concubine, but he listens to me.

I have been raising Constantius, Diocletian's son, as a great Templar leader. The Circulum Liberalis believes that I am grooming him to be an Assassin.

It is good that they do not know.

(akin to Al Mualim and Lucy, Eudokia shows as Blue in Eagle Vision)
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