Stian/Stien Hansen

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Stian/Stien Hansen

Post  Turtle-Feathers on Fri Oct 12, 2012 4:20 pm

Age: 38
Allegiance: Assassins
Location: No one seems to know for sure.
Specialties: Polyglot, crossing borders, preserving a seemingly endless supply of coffee.
Weapon of choice: sniper rifle

Stian cracked himself a grin, inwardly celebrating getting past national borders yet again. He was practically skipping across London, earning some well deserved stares from fellow pedestrians, not that the Dane took notice.

Too him, that was the easy part. The hard part would be reconnecting with the brotherhood. His last superior and a good portion of his corhorts were missing in action and most likely because they were killed in action.

The thought sobered him enough to halt his skipping for a couple of steps, but then he resumed his previous eccentric gait, making his way into the heart of London until he either found someone, or someone found him.

Stien Hansen assisting in a smuggling operation, 1943.



Hansen tracked Rebecca as far as the city where her plane landed by bribing airport workers and snooping through some documents. He then disappears, and no one in the Assassin network, or Templar for that matter, is entirely sure where.

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