Heinrich Von Stramm

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Heinrich Von Stramm

Post  Ganolith on Fri Oct 12, 2012 8:46 am

Age: 47
Alleigence: Templar
Nationality: Austrian
Rank: SS Standartenf├╝hrer/Same as Colonel
Alias: "Herr Doctor"
Occupation: Chief Templar interrogator/ Master spy

"Being privy to an abundance of information is a blessing No?" Von Stramm remarked calmly as he worked on another victim. "It is only a few simple words that I want to hear is all and after all this you wouldn't want to disappoint our fearless leader. Now would we?"

He couldn't help but enjoy the touch of his tools. The cool steal on his flesh, the hint of antiseptic in the air. It was like he was a conductor of a grand symphony. Very methodical and procise about very stroke every cut. Every deliberate motion each with perspective and insight no mere mortal could hope to comprehend. He reached for an extractor.

"Argh fine ill tell you all you want to know" the unnamed soldier said panicked. As more and more tiny insidious cuts were made to his already mared flesh.

Von Stramm looked at his prey with contempt and disgust.
" I always thought American special forces were stronger than this beside I have already learn from our enlightening session here that you have nothing useful for me at all." Von Stramm chided.
"I am truly Sorry mine American friend." The blatant tone of sarcasm was venomous.
"Hugo would you be a gentleman and show our guest out. I grow weary of this little game."

"Ja Herr Doctor." Hugo said with a robotic tone. As he crushed the windpipe of his latest victim.
And proceeded to remove the body from the table.

"I will find this order of Assassins and remove them from the face of this earth." The doctor thought.
"But where shall my next attempt be. Only time will tell."
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